How much does it cost to get bailed out in Las Vegas?

Agents get paid 15% of the total bond amount.

The fee is normally not refundable and is the bond agents’ compensation for services.

The total a bond agent can impose is established by Nevada state law. Statute NRS 697.300 says a bail agent must charge 15% of the total bond amount. Some bondsmen may agree to accept a percentage initially and permit the arrestee to make installments on the remainder. Bondsmen in Nevada can’t charge over 15%, and they are not lawfully permitted to accept less.

You will hand over a little over 15% as there are different, modest, fees which get added when you bail out. The Nevada state law permits a bondsman to charge the arrestee for different services such as notary charges and travel costs.

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A bondsman may require the arrestee to place collateral as property and a guarantee for the bond total.

When the arrestee is released, the bondsman must be paid 15%, as well as repay the bondsman for any more lost on the transaction.

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