Bail bonds in Las Vegas

There are several ways to get out of jail before a court hearing. Each person arrested is generally provided bail in an amount that discourages running from justice. The amount varies based on the seriousness of the charge and the criminal history of the arrestee. A judge presides at a “bail hearing” in Nevada court to determine bail. The judge has a copy of the county’s bail schedule but also has the power to modify the amount — higher or lower — and even deny bail. Bail is frequently denied for capital crimes and when the defendant is seen as a “high flight risk.”

Signature Bonds

With a job and a cosigner, we can offer Signature bonds. This type of bond helps defendants avoid incarceration. Signature bonds require that individuals have a checking account and offer flexible terms, so we can end warrants without defendants going to jail. We can literally walk you down to local PD, sign in front of officers, and walk back out.

Cash Bonds

If bail is permitted, the full amount can be posted upfront. A money order, or cashier’s check, is permitted in lieu of cash. Even individuals who can afford to post cash bonds ton’t always pursue the option. The risk is more since a bail bond can be reinstated if it is forfeited to the court — a cash bond cannot. In long trials, many defendants don’t like the idea of tying up so much cash without earning interest.

Own Recognizance

“OR release” is the release of an arrestee without any financial bail involved. The person’s community standing, residency and work history are reviewed. Lacking any significant criminal history is a factor as well. Persons accused of violent crime, with weak community ties usually do not get OR release. For someone released on own recognizance who fails to attend court hearings, extra fines may be imposed.

Surety Bonds

Most people turn to surety bonds to get out of jail. A surety bond is what is commonly referred to as “bail bond.” The bond is a contract between a licensed bail bonds agent and a co-signer. The agent agrees to put up the full bail, for a fee which is 15-percent in the State of Nevada. The co-signer agrees to the liability for the full bail iif the bond is forfeited to the courts. If the defendant skips bail, the bond is forfeited and a bench warrant issue. The judge may reinstate the bond, at their discretion, if the defendant finally appears.

This is conducted using a bail bond company in Vegas. Often, a friend or relative will contact the bail bond company. The bail bondsman handles all of the necessary paperwork. Often, the entire process is completed in less than 1 hour. The bail bonds agent guarantees to the court that the defendant will make all court appearances.

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Active Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds

Active arrest warrants are issued when a judge needs someone to appear in court. Often, people don’t know a warrant has been issued until they are placed under arrest. When a warrant is in place the police can take an individual into custody at their convenience. The police can go to the job or home or anywhere — nowhere is off limits. The police are also not required to provide notice before showing up.

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