How to get home if arrested for drug offenses in Las Vegas?

Being arrested is never fun. The most exasperating part can be bailing out of Vegas jail — especially true for people charged with drug offenses. Nevada allows bail bonding agencies for drug-crime related arrestees.

Being accused of a drug-related offense in Nevada allows the defendant to retain a lawyer while also contracting with a bond agency. While the court systems move slowly, working with 24/7 Bail Bonds can get you out of jail quickly.

Following a drug-related arrest, the defendant is taken to the nearest police station and processed. After they are fingerprinted and photographed, their contact information is entered into the law enforcement database, and the booking process continues.

Potential penalties

Drug charge penalties depend on the type of drug and what the accused was doing with it. Marijuana possession is considered a misdemeanor unless the person intends to distribute it or the person is found with other drugs.

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Drug charges have different penalties with the most severe being life behind bars.

If an individual is detained with cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin in their possession, a drug bond is required. Once bail has been posted, the accused will be released from jail and expected to make all court appearances.

The monetary value of jail bonds can be expensive in drug cases. Individuals with sufficient credentials and resources can often be bonded in high bail cases.

Importance of picking a right bail bondsman

Arrests made on slim evidence, or processed illegally can be dismissed. Having a recognized agency providing bond will help minimize the frustration involved.

At 24/7 Bail Bonds, we offer expert and reliable service customized to each customer. We understand an arrest can result in anxiety and difficulty. We are dedicated to going the extra mile to help and guide you through the bail process.