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Charged with a felony in Las Vegas, NV?

A felony accusation is a serious transgression. Bail is higher, and judges look closer at the cast. Many conditions are attached to felony bonds, one of which requires the defendant to appear at all designated court appointments.

Most instances start with a preliminary trial, a pre-trial conference and the real day before a judge. While the particulars of every case are different, Court appearances are mandatory.

Felonies are criminal offenses which can merit punishment by a fine, one year (or more) incarceration or both. As with any other crime, the prosecution starts with an arrest. Those accused of felonies are detained.

Types of felonies in Nevada

Felony crimes can include violent, property, drug and weapons charges.

Common types of violent felonies include murder, manslaughter, and sexual assault.

Property felonies may include burglary, larceny, fraud, and forgery.

Drug and weapons charges include possession and trafficking.

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In America, most of the defendants convicted of these types of crimes are sentenced to state prisons while only a small number of arrestees are sentenced to federal prisons.

Felonies are classified in line with a letter grade. The lower grade felonies are not seen as serious as higher grade felonies. The higher grade felonies come with the highest and harshest sentencing guidelines.

One an individual has been detained for a felony offense; the are formally charge and issued a bail hearing. During the bail hearing, the bail amount is determined and any jail time is configured.

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