How to get released from an Immigration custody in Nevada?

Being detained on an immigration charge can be confusing. It is also a stressful situation.

Different Presidential administrations bring change to immigration policies. These changes don’t always filter down to the “street level” cop in a timely manner. Often, even when they do, overzealous agency members can detain innocent people. Wrongful detention will affect more than just the individual put behind bars. Frequently there is a family involved as well. Your spouse still needs your support and your children have needs as well. Your being detained will affect them.

24/7 Bail Bonds understands the stress and frustration of being an immigrant in America who has found themselves locked behind bars. Our trained and professional staff is ready to help you when you call.

Not all cases can be handled as quickly as we would like to see them handled, but you have our guarantee that your case will be handled as expeditiously as it can be.

When an individual who is not an American citizen is arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an immigration bail is often allowed. If the defendant misses their court date, their ball — in addition to any collateral — is forfeited.

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Immigration bonds are high risk, and some type of collateral is needed. Various types of items including cars, cash, real estate, jewelry, and credit cards are acceptable as collateral. Once we have the collateral, we begin the bail bond process.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE — is the federal agency tasked with arresting and detaining alien nationals. ICE has the power to free an individual based on their own recognizance, but if ICE or an immigration court sets a bond, it’s time to look at options.

Types of Immigration bail bonds in Las Vegas

There are two types of immigrations bonds available.

Delivery Bond — An unauthorized immigrant arrested by ICE can be suitable for a delivery bond depending on the determination of an immigration court. The arrestee must get a warrant and notification of custody from ICE to be freed on a delivery bond.

Voluntary departure bond — Detainees are allowed the choice to leave voluntarily, at their loss within a certain time frame. The departure bond — if paid in full — is redeemable once the individual has departed America but will be relinquished if the person doesn’t leave.

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