What are traffic bail bonds in Las Vegas?

Traffic bail bonds are required when an individual is arrested for a traffic violation or related offense.

Traffic can get the best of anybody. Traffic violations are the largest offenses committed by many. From speeding to running a ret light or driving on a suspended license, 24/7 Bail Bonds can help for any traffic bonding needs.

Similar to regular bail bonds, traffic bail bonds are intended to be used in connection with traffic violations. Once a bond is posted, the defendant agrees to appear at all Las Vegas, Nevada court hearings. Failure to comply means the bond will be forfeited.

Traffic violations often end in a citation being issued. There are some serious instances where a person might be arrested and held in jail pending the appropriate hearings, and it could be necessary to get the appropriate Bail Bond.

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Following an arrest, the arrestee is jailed. They will go through a booking process while they wait for a bail hearing. During the hearing, the court will set a bail amount large enough to guarantee the arrestee will show up for further court dates. When the bail is determined by the court, the arrestee might be released by:

  • Paying the full amount, which is the easiest way to be sprung from jail. The money is returned once the defendant has appeared at all hearings, or
  • Paying 15% of the bail amount to a bondsman who arranges for the defendant’s release, or
  • Hiring a criminal defense attorney who may be able to assist in getting a bail amount reduced or dropped. However, this process can take weeks.

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