What is considered to be a warrant bail bond in Las Vegas, NV?

A Warrant Bail Bond is obtained before going to jail rather than after as is the case with other types of bail bond.

The individual must meet with the bondsman and lawyer to establish the warrant bail bond. Following payment, the individual turns themselves into the local law enforcement, and they are processed.

Processing with a Warrant Bail Bond is a walk-through affair. Once booking is completed, the arrestee is released with the condition that they attend all court dates required. Failure to appear at scheduled court dates means forfeiture of the bail bond and time in jail.

A warrant bond is bought before going to jail instead of waiting until after the arrest. You will meet with your Las Vegas bond agency and your lawyer to establish the bail bond. Once payment has been made, you turn yourself into law enforcement custody at the closest police station.

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The next step is the warrant walkthrough where you finish the booking process at the jail. When the booking is finished, you are released on bail. It is vital that you keep the court date which will be set up after being released or you will lose the Warrant Bail Bond and could spend time locked up in jail. It that occurs, you will have to stay behind bars until the initial hearing and through the entire release process.

Without the special bail bond available when there are active warrants, you can be picked up on the warrant and detained. After being booked, you will receive an initial, or preliminary, hearing where the judge sets the bail amount.

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