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In Las Vegas, persons arrested on any type of gun related charges can call 24/7 Bail Bonds to obtain a weapons bail bond. We know the legalities.

Arrest Procedures

Following an arrest on firearms charges, the arrestee will be taken to the local jail where are they interviewed, fingerprinted and photographed. Their personal information will be collected as well. Not until the information has been placed into a computer will officials release the details of the arrest including the amounted need to post bond.

Release Process

It can take two to twenty-four hours for an individual to be released once the bond has been posted. If a person cannot bail out, they will be held until the arraignment which is typically scheduled within two working days.

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Before a person can be released, a court must decide on the amount required for bail. In addition to other paperwork, weapons charges also require a weapons bail bond prior to release.

If an individual is unable to post a gun bail bond, they will be held in jail. If they are able to post bond, they must also commit to appearing at any and all preliminary hearings which may be scheduled by the court.

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