How do you get a refund?

Bail money is refunded when all court conditions have been satisfied.

In Las Vegas, there is a bail schedule — a presumed amount required for each offense and each type. From that point, factors which make the case worse than others can make the bail amount rise or fall.

Bail is set by the court based on several factors and initially depends on the charges the arresting officer chose to book you on.

Will your money be refunded? That’s determined by the matter in which paid. You can file a cash bond or other bond for the total outlay. When the case is concluded, assuming you have honored all conditions, the bond is excused and refunded.

As most persons don’t have thousands lying around for a bond, most arrestees work through a Las Vegas bail bond agent. The arrestee is, in effect, purchasing an insurance plan ensuring your presence before the judge.

When the court case is resolved, the wait time for bail to be refunded could be anywhere from two to six weeks. If, after six weeks, your refund check still hasn’t arrived, call the court.

Be prepared to give the court information such as defendant’s name, address & case number and the date the case concluded.

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Regardless what occurs in the matter — if cleared, charges dropped or innocent, you don’t get those funds returned. The bond agency gets their cash, but the installment you paid does NOT get returned.

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