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Getting locked up, whether justifiably or not, is a traumatic experience. The arrestee is thrown into a system where control is lost; rules are unknown, and there isn’t anyone that looks familiar.

The stress-levels hit a record high, and the future is unknown. Family and loved ones are perplexed, and they aren’t given sufficient information by the jail authorities. Bills still have to be paid, and daily routines followed, and now they must happen without the arrestee’s presence.

If children are in the home, the stress and worry are magnified.

24/7 Bail Bonds has developed an excellent record of customer services which, in our business, means information is exchanged, and freedom is returned. Our agents go the extra mile when needed to get our clients released and back home with their families. No other agency in Nevada provides the quality of service, combined with customer care that 24/7 Bail Bonds provides.

The options are clear. You can call another bonding agency and hope you’re out soon, or you can contact us and be out — often as soon as the booking-in process is completed.

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