Information about courts in the State of Nevada

The Supreme Court of Nevada provides a comprehensive website listing all of the courts, how to access them, what resources are available and where to find help.

Other courts aren’t as generous with information.

Nevada has eleven judicial districts comprise the state’s general courts. The district courts handle Nevada’s 17 counties. The 11 Judicial Districts are attended to by 82 District Court judges who help their apointed regions but maintain control to provide services in any district court in the state.

Nevada’s Justice Courts are restricted jurisdiction courts overseeing matters spelled out in Nevada Revised Statutes. The 67 Justices of the Peace decide if cases have sufficient proof to be handed off to a District Court for prosecution. Also, Justice Courts manage non-traffic petty crimes, small claims, eviction, interim protection, and traffic-offenses.

Municipal Court judges listen to things surrounding breaches of local ordinance, traffic violations, and in some towns, parking infractions. A restricted-jurisdiction court, the thirty City Courts also take care of public matters (for example, when they refer to handling delinquent utility bills).