Larger cities in Nevada have city courts, also called municipal courts. Municipal courts hear traffic violations and city ordinance violations. Nevada gives municipal courts a broader jurisdiction and can handle small claims and misdemeanors. Nevada follows the federal government practice of having separate systems of administrative law judges in addition to judicial branch judges, for example, handling driver’s license revocations and land use disputes.

A municipal court is distinguished from general jurisdiction courts which are the default type of court that can hear cases not required to be heard in lower courts. Most cases are civil cases involving large amounts of money and criminal trials from serious crimes such as rape or murder.

If your case is to be heard in a municipal court, there are some things to remember. Don’t wear jeans, dress nicely. Speak plainly and loud enough to be heard. You are there to convince the judge that you will not commit a crime again. Just say you realize you made a terrible mistake and won’t repeat it.

You probably will be asked to enter a plea. Talk to your lawyer to find out what options you will have if you plead guilty and choose the one that is least annoying. If you are given probation, and complete it successfully, the conviction may be reversed. “Informal probation” may also be an option. Informal probation is the chance for a do-over a court offers when the charges are dropped after a specified time during which you commit no new offenses.

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