Nevada’s Justice Courts are limited jurisdiction courts handling matters detailed in Nevada Revised Statutes. The 67 Justices of the Peace determine whether felony or gross misdemeanor cases have enough evidence to be bound over to a District Court for trial. Also, Justice Courts preside over non-traffic misdemeanor, small claims, summary eviction, temporary protection, and traffic cases.

Justice Court, Searchlight Township has a single Justice of the Peace selected for a six-year cycle. Justice Court tries probable cause, arraignments, preparatory hearings, minor crimes, bond losses, ejections, small claims and concerns where the amount in controversy does not go over $10,000. Other services performed by the Justice of the Peace include bail, search warrants, protective mandates and detention warrants.

Mailing Address:
1090 Cottonwood Cove Rd
Searchlight, NV 89046

Phone: 702-297-1252