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Bail Posting Timeline in Las Vegas, NV

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The Criminal Case Process

When a person is arrested in Nevada, the police officer submits an arrest report to the district attorney for review. If arrested, you should take the following steps: “Six Steps to Follow if Arrested: A Survival Guide.” The DA will review the case, and if he or she feels that the officer has sufficient proof of the crime, charges will be filed, and the case will be ready for prosecution.

At this point, the defendant has five release options. Once released, he will have to appear in court for an arraignment (usually 2- 4 weeks from the date of release). If the defendant remains in custody, he will be transported to court by the county or city facility in which he is detained.

The Arraignment

In Las Vegas criminal cases, the first appearance is the arraignment. The offender shall be required to confirm his identity. The arrestee may be allowed a private attorney with him or the judge may designate a public defender. The offender can be informed of his likely sentence.


If accused of a minor crime the offender must answer the recorded accusations with guilty, not guilty or nolo contendere. The court will establish the arrestee’s conditional trial and hearing schedule. Bail is fixed according to Las Vegas’ bail schedule. The respondent has a freedom to claim a bail modification. If the offender enters a guilty plea at the arraignment, the court might establish the sentence for him or her then.

If the defendant does not plead guilty at the arraignment, a pre-trial conference will probably be scheduled at which time plea negotiations are discussed along with witnesses and strengths/faults of the case.

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The next step is the trial (by judge or jury) at which pretrial proposals and points of fact are determined.

If the defendant is found guilty, the court will then impose a sentence on the defendant that could range form a fine, community service, counseling, jail time, a diversion program, substance abuse treatment, or a combination of these.

Felony Cases

If accused of a felony committed in Las Vegas, the defendant may or may not be compelled to respond with a plea at the first hearing.

As a next step, the judge may set the defendant’s preliminary hearing.

As with misdemeanors, bail is established according to the county bail schedule. The defendant has a right to argue for bail reduction.
At the preliminary hearing, the D.A. will show the court that there was probably cause to believe that a crime was committed and that eh defendant was the person who committed the crime. If the judge feels that there is enough preliminary evidence to proceed, then the defendant will be arraigned again, and there will be a pre-trial conference at which time plea negotiations and discussions of the issues, witnesses and strengths and weaknesses.

As with Las Vegas misdemeanors, the next step is trial by judge or jury where all of the pretrial motions and issues of fact are decided. If the defendant is found guilty at the end of the trial, then the judge would impose a sentence, usually much more severe than with a misdemeanor offense.

Once payment has been arranged with the court, it can be anywhere from two to twenty-four hours before being released. If the arrest occurs on a weekend or holiday, detention could last longer.

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