How does cash bail work in Las Vegas courts?

Often, a Las Vegas judge requires an inmate to be detained on a “cash only bond” which can be challenging. 24/7 Bail Bonds is unique. We provide cash bonds in nearly any amount, virtually any time and we do it with a competing rate.

Don’t Have the Full Amount?

Most people don’t have cash laying around to cover a cash only bail. With collateral and a 15-percent premium, we post a cash-only bond as we produce the 85-percent.

Have the Full Amount?

If you have the total cash necessary and are considering staking a cash-only bond yourself, be aware the court is authorized to take your money and utilize it for any fines or fees owed. That means the odds are good you will not get your money back. If that isn’t a problem, the lines to post a bond at Las Vegas Jails can be around the block. Lawyers, police and bond agents get preference and will jump to the front of the line. Often people have to wait for hours simply to post bail.

24/7 Bail Bonds is close to the jail’s payment window. Bring us your cash, and for a small service fee, we walk you to the front of the line, post bond and make sure your money is not tied up in fines or fees.

However, if you want to do this all yourself, ok. But be aware the courts can keep your money, AND the jail does not accept checks, credit cards, debit cards or money orders. Las Vegas jails also will not accept $100 bills under any circumstance.

Avoid the hassle and let 24/7 Bail Bonds bost your cash bond for you. You will not only have a greater chance of getting your money back.