Charged with DUI in Las Vegas? We will bail you out!

You stopped by the bar after work. Just a few “happy hour” beers here in Las Vegas. You didn’t feel drunk, but when you got to the DUI checkpoint, life went downhill from there, and you were arrested. Now what.

Usually, payment in the form of a bail bond is required to get out of jail.

A DUI Bail bond is required following an arrest for DUI.

Usually, a first time DUI charge doesn’t require a bail bond. First-time offenders are typically held for about eight hours before being released on their own recognizance — or with a citation.

Driving Under Influence criminal charges in Nevada

Anyone else pulled over in Nevada for suspicion of driving under the influence goes to jail and is apt to require a DUI bail bond especially if one of these are involved:

  • The driver had a prior citation or DUI.
  • The driver was underage and driving drunk at the time of the arrest.
  • DUI resulted in an accident (even if it was a single-car accident).
  • The driver had an underage passenger in the vehicle at the time of the drunk driving accident.

The amount in bail bond charges for a DUI might be pre-determined through a schedule. You may obtain your release by paying bail right after getting booked. If not the judge will make a bail decision based on several criteria:

  • DUI record and driving history
  • Seriousness of the DUI offense (was anyone injured)
  • Connections to the community (high apt are you to appear for trial)

Before posting bond and committing to a scheduled payment to a bond agency, ensure you inquire about other conditions which are routinely imposed with DUI bonds in Nevada. You do not need to commit to a total bond package that you cannot afford.

When posting a DUI Bail bond, the defendant must agree to appear at every scheduled court appearance including:

  • An arraignment.
  • A preliminary hearing.
  • Any pre-trial motions.
  • A trial.

What to do if you’ve been charged with DUI?

Failure to appear in a Las Vegas court triggers forfeiture of the bail. Failure to appear can also mean a fine, jail-time or both. If your DUI results in felony charges, you can bet on any terms of incarceration for failure to appear will run consecutively to any other criminal outcome.

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