Posting bail for Domestic Violence charges in Las Vegas

Domestic Violence bail bonds work much like regular bail bonds. Domestic violence bail bonds may, or may not, include a restraining order and other limitations. All major requirements apply including the mandate to attend all court dates and not being detained for other crimes while the bond is intact.

Before 1984, an arrest was a possible outcome of a domestic violence case. Now, an arrest is required.

The US Attorney General changed the law in 1984. Mandatory arrest became standard procedure in domestic violence disputes. Under new guidelines, domestic violence bail bonds became the norm.

The are nothing to mess around with. The unwritten rule in Nevada is if law enforcement is called — regardless of the hour — someone is going to jail.

Years of police looking the other way and letting the abuser — typically the male — slide with a warning are gone. Prosecuting attorneys in Las Vegas are getting aggressive in enforcement, and there is no chance to receive forgiveness.

When violence invades the safety of the home, more than the battered spouse or partner is affected. Often children are involved, and the trauma can effect them for a lifetime.

Domestic violence charges may stem from any violence or abuse by one individual toward another in a setting such as a marriage or living together.

Domestic violence takes a variety of forms: physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Sexual abuse may extend from implied, coercive modes to marital rape and brutal physical abuse.

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Domestic violence happens while the abuser thinks the abuse is admissible, justified or not likely to be announced. Very few individuals see themselves as abusers as they believe the violence is just a family matter which spun out of control.

Domestic violence charges usually involve the Department of Family and Children Services getting involved. Once they’re given a case, other charges may be brought against the defendant as well. Charges such as kidnapping, illegal use of a weapon and other, serious and significant charges can be added.

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When all of the charges are added up, it’s possible for an arrestee to be looking at decades behind bars. That is a lot of freedom to give up because of one incident.

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